Lantern Candles White

Item #: 8800772

Lantern Candles White

Candles for paper lanterns in a 12-piece bulk pack!

Nicely illuminated houses and gardens are a lovely eye-catcher in the dark. Chinese lanterns are perfect to illuminate garden or pool parties and other summer events as they create an absolutely atmospheric light full of warmth and cosiness.

The white Lantern Candles are approx. 8 cm long and approx. 2 cm in diameter. Their slightly tapered ends make it easy to put them in the candleholders inside paper lanterns. The Lantern Candles come in packs of 12 pieces so the illumination of your next summer party is guaranteed to be a success. In our shop you will also find the right lanterns for your event, e.g. the Chinese Lantern Moon, the Paper Lanterns Multicoloured 10 PCS or the Cat Paper Lantern for Kids.

Additional information on the Lantern Candles White:

  • Pack contains 12 candles for Chinese lanterns
  • Colour: White
  • Length approx.8 cm

Caution: Never leave burning candles unattended and follow the safety instructions!