Trick or Treat Bag Vampire

Item #: 19023

Trick or Treat Bag Vampire

Choose a Halloween bag that matches your costume!

Every year on 31. October we celebrate Halloween! According to many scholars it has Celtic roots and is celebrated every year. The Celts believed that in the night between 31. October and 1. November the souls of the dead were able to return to the world of the living.

To celebrate Halloween you need a cool costume and matching accessories! Our Trick or Treat Bag Vampire is just perfect for little vampires and other creatures of the night. This bag is a must-have when you walk form door to door with your friends hoping to collect as many sweets as possible. The bag is approx. 37,5 cm long and 33,5 cm  wide so you can be sure it is big ebough to hold all the goodies you will get. Of course this cool plastic bag is also great to do your shopping. With this bag you are guaranteed to attract a lot of attention wherever you go.
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Additional information on the Trick or Treat Bag Vampire:

  • Length 37,5 cm
  • Widfth 33,5 cm
  • Material plastic
  • Vampire print on both sides

Warning: Choking hazard! Keep out of the reach of babies and small children.