Trick or Treat Bag Frankenstein

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Trick or Treat Bag Frankenstein

Trick or Treat!

The Halloween customof children going from door to door to ask for sweets by saying "Trick or Treat" originates in North America, but this tradition becomes more and more popular in Europe, too. To go trick or treating you need a scary costume and a halloween bag to collect all your candy. Our Trick or Treat Bag Frankenstein is just perfect for this purpose.

The Trick or Treat Bag Frankenstein is 38 cm x 33 cm and made of plastic. The green complexion, the stitches and the two bolts make it obvious that the features on this bag belong to Frankenstein's monster. The monster looks rather friendly so you can be sure that people won't be too scared to give you sweets. The bag has handles made of robust plastic which are firmly attached to the bag so you can carry even big amounts of sweets! Get our Trick or Treat Bag Witch and the Trick or Treat Bag Vampire for your friends and start trick or treating!

Size: 38 cm x 33 cm

Material: plastic

Caution: Choking hazard! Keep out of the reach of babies and small children!