Halloween Cutouts 30teilig

Item #: 22380

Halloween Cutouts 30teilig

Cool in black light shining Wanrschilder and gas masks

Decorate your rooms for Halloween in a high-security laboratory.The Halloween cutouts are a cool Halloween decoration for your walls, doors and windows.The various Halloween Cutouts show warning signs that warn of zombies, report a bunker or a quarantine.The Halloween Cutouts with inscription, gas masks and atomic poised to catch the glow under black light and are thus an impressive Halloween decoration.Your party guests will be offset by the Halloween Cutouts in a creepy atmosphere and feel transported to a contaminated area.

The Halloween cutouts are made of printed cardboard and glow in UV light.With the different sizes of cutouts 4 x approx22.8 cm, 3 x approx20.3 cm, 6 x approx17.7 cm, 12 x approx16.5 cm and 5 x approx12.7 cm you can decorate your party fascinating rooms for your guests.So you're well protected in the contaminated areas, we have the World War gas mask or as additional decorative Radioactive Glow Slime .

  • Scope of delivery: 1 x Halloween Cutouts 30teilig
  • Contents: 30 x different Cutouts / size see above
  • Material: printed cardboard
  • Glow in the black light!

Caution: This item is not a toy.Please fire or direct heat away..