Bright Pumpkin Sticker

Item #: 16940

Bright Pumpkin Sticker

In dark glowing pumpkin stickers as Halloween Scene

The glowing pumpkin sticker shows seven different creepy green glowing pumpkin heads with pumpkin grimace of known Jack O Lantern.The grisly Halloween decoration adheres to any smooth surface.The green pumpkin motives remain lit after dark.The dark, shaded edge of motives charges in the light, and thus the outline of the creepy Halloween motifs remains visible even in the dark.

The glowing pumpkin stickers as stickers vote the guests on the next Halloween party correctly, as our popular Steinwand film and Cobweb 40gr white. complement your Halloween decorations perfectly.

1 x Glowing pumpkin sticker set
  • Color: Green / Glow in the Dark
  • Number: 7 Sticker