Tombstone Angel With LED

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Tombstone Angel With LED

The angel of death watches over the grave of the evil duke!

The Duke of Zuffington was a true disgrace. He drowned his own subjects to death and even defamed them. Whoever could not pay his tithe came directly to the pillory for a few days - depending on the mood of the duke. One day God listened to the prayers and wishes of his subjects, and looked frightened at what the Duke of Zuffington was doing with his subjects. Then he sent an angel, whom he only used in exceptional cases - Karan the Vengeance. Karan came to the ground and laid the duke directly on the plaza of Zuffington. In memory of the angel and death, the citizens put a winged skeleton on the tombstone of the Duke. Voices rumors that during the night, the tombstone is lit and that the Duke returns as an undead. , ,

The tombstone angel with LED has a height of approx. 85cm, a maximum width of 38cm and a max. Depth of approx. 10 centimeters. On the tombstone, "In loving memory RIP" stands "in a beloved memory - peace in peace". Underneath the lettering are 2 LEDs, which flash when activated in bright light. The motif shows a skeleton in a long robe with large angel wings, which has crossed the arms. On the back there is a switch for activating the LEDs. 3 AAA batteries are needed, but they are included in this Halloween decoration. The material used is styrofoam. This makes the angel easy. On the feet are two standing aids integrated, which can give the angel either on a flat ground firm hold or put into the ground of your garden. Please follow the instructions. You can find more great Halloween decoration in our shop. How about the Screaming Ghost in a Barrel or one Human Shark Mask For your party

Product information:

  • Scope of delivery: Angel with LED, 3x AAA batteries, 2x stand
  • Creepy angel with two flashing LED's
  • Including stand for flat ground or garden floor