3-PCS Tombstone Set "Basic Style"

Item #: 20340

3-PCS Tombstone Set "Basic Style"

Underneath these decorative polystyrene gravestones the dead become restless and return as zombies! 

Spooky cemeteries with withered tombstones make a great setting for your Halloween party! When the full moon rises and rolling mist covers the ground these three tombstones will make the unholy graveyard in your back garden look perfect!

The decorative styrofoam headstones looks as if they were made of weathered stone. They each have a different design in the front and back, so the tombstones look great whichever way you look at them. The weatherproof gravestones feature a standing device so they won't fall  over on a windy autumn night. This spooky decoration is perfect for horror film nights or zombie themed parties! With some Decoration Moss 125g and  Cobwebs Spray you can add the finishing touch to your graveyard decoration!

Product information:
  • Material: polyfoam
  • Contains: 3 pcs
  • Dimensions:  length approx. 55 / 52,5 / 50,5 cm, width approx. 42,5 / 39 / 37 cm, depth approx. 6,5 / 4 / 2,5 cm