SAW Jigsaw plush doll 30cm

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SAW Jigsaw plush doll 30cm

Fiese doll to your friends to scare tidy

The ultra sadistic serial killer John Kramer, also known as Jigsaw, from the US movie hit SAW continues to set an order to deliver messages his little ventriloquist's dummy Billy to torture his victims or bamboozled by the police.A film of the series SAW without the sinister ventriloquist's dummy Billy in black suit and red squiggles on the cheek is unthinkable! Therefore, the plush doll is the perfect gift for any fan of US cinema hit SAW.

The Jigsaw plush doll Billy is made of vinyl, fabric and synthetic hair and ca.30cm tall.

Product description:
  • Material: Vinyl, cloth and synthetic hair
  • Size: approx. 30cm