Pumpkin Mug

Item #: 24322

Pumpkin Mug

Evocative Halloween mug with smiling pumpkin motif

The cup with the friendly laughing pumpkin completes the table decoration any Halloween party.Because of the pumpkin, which is a traditional part of Halloween, the cup will be a classic in every horror celebration.Since it is made of durable plastic, in addition there is no Zerbrechungsgefahr.Thus, it provides extra security for children, which is ideal for children's birthday parties or wild horror parties of smaller generations.

The pumpkin Cup is ca.8 cm high and has a diameter of about 6.5 cm.Your barrel capacity is approx. 200 ml.Basic color is a bold orange, on its front in black a laughing pumpkin face is displayed.The handle of the mug is green and is represented by a tendril of pumpkin plant.For guests with more thirst to offers Halloween cup pumpkin orange at.Even in combination with the Paper Plate Happy Halloween can start the celebration!

1 x Pumpkin Mug

  • Content: 1x cup
  • Size: 9 cm height, 6.5 cm in diameter
  • Barrel assets: 200 ml
  • Colour: Orange, black, green
  • Material: Plastic
  • Laughing Pumpkin cup for a traditional Halloween

Caution: To avoid danger of suffocation, keep existing plastic bag of babies and children away.Bags & bags are not toys.Keep away from fire!