Partypicker with ghost motif

Item #: 19194

Partypicker with ghost motif

Halloween Horror Partyspießchen for your buffet

With the spooky Halloween cocktail sticks you can decorate your Halloween buffet and thus food and drink to the selected theme.How about, for example, with eyeballs of lychees and bloody fingers from hot dogs and ketchup, which are garnished with funny pickers Party with ghost motif.With the Halloween Party pickers, fruits and blood red cocktail cherry in your Martini are highlighted.Each potion tastes so decorated very well.

The Party Picks with ghosts come motif of 10 pieces and are approx. 7 cm long.On each stick a white ghost with bright yellow eyes is attached for decoration.The plastic Picker you can set as a punch or use as a skewer for cheese, vegetables, meatballs or the like.Is matched by our Napkins Ghost Design and our Paper Cups Skull RIP ,

Package included: 1 x Partypicker with ghost motif

  • Contents: 10 pieces Partypicker
  • Length: ca.7 cm
  • Material: Plastic

Note: Only suitable for decorative purposes, not toys for children! Not suitable for children under 3 years.May contain small parts that can be swallowed or inhaled.