Halloween Cookie Cutters

Item #: 19232

 Halloween Cookie Cutters

Cookies shaped like ghosts and skulls are soooo much tastier!

Halloween is coming and like every year we are going to turn ourselves into horrifying creatures to scare off the souls of the dead who will roam the earth on All Hallows Eve. When we celebrate Halloween, we dress up and decorate our homes so everything will match the occasion.

A carved pumpkin is a must and an elaborate decoration will guarantee your party is an unforgettable success. Our cookies in the shape of classic Halloween motifs will be a smash hit for your next party or a lovely present for the host of the halloween party you are invited to. Our Halloween Cookie Cutters include all the classic Halloween motifs, so you can make cookies in the shape of a pumpkin, cat, bat, ghost or skull. When decorated with icing, chocolate coating or hundreds and thousands they will taste twice as good! If you are looking for more Halloween decorations, check out the Bat Wall Decoration or the Bloody Handprints Decals!

Additional information on the Halloween Cookie Cutters:

  • contains 5 cookie cutters
  • motifs: pumpkin, bat, cat, ghost, skull
  • colour: orange
  • material: plastic