Cobweb 20gr white.

Item #: 23274

Cobweb 20gr white.

Artificial cobwebs are a must for Halloween

Artificial cobwebs are always the classic decoration centerpiece for Halloween, parties and scary horror movies.The flame-resistant, white cobwebs are perfect for decorating cemeteries and vaults, and showing old rooms.

This spider web can be very good in the room, spread on the wall or on objects without tearing quickly.And to complete the spider's web, it comes nor its residents in the form of our Disgust spiders 50 pieces ,And as enlargement offers Giant spider on the web to which is doing very well in a corner of the party room.

Package included: 1 x 20gr white spider web.
  • Color: White
  • Size: enough for about4sqm
  • Material: Plastic