Zombie Skull

Item #: 19456

Zombie Skull

The mystery of this skull has never been solved!

When this skull was found, it raised quite a few questions. It seems that this head did not rot like any other. There is no explanation why the black eyes have not long tunred into soil  and why is the dead head's jaw moving as if this messenger from the realm of shadows wanted to tell us his gory secret?  We will never know the answers to these questions, because even though the rotting skull looks nearly alive, it is condemned to eternal silence.

The skull has a realistically made surface structure which adds a rather authentic touch to this plastic prop. The movable jaw is ivory-coloured while the rest of the head is a rotten brown and black. Where one would expect empty sockets, the skull has black eyes which make this dead head look rather bizarre and suggest a non-human origin. The zombie skull is a great accessory for Halloween and horror parties that will give your party guests the creeps. More spooky Halloween decorations like the Recordable Speaking Skull and the Severed Left Hand are available in our shop!

Additional information:

  • Zombie skull with movable jaw
  • Impressive horror decoration for gory parties
  • Material: plastic
  • Size: length: approx. 20 cm, width: approx. 12 cm, height: approx. 15 cm