Maniac Mummy Door Film

Item #: 13244

Maniac Mummy Door Film

Halloween door decorations with mummy as motive

The terrible mummy on our Maniac Mummy Door Film virtually seem to break through the door and so spread fear and terror.The partly transparent Halloween film can easily be attached with small tacks on the door.Even the eerie mummies monster seems to fall through the door, as a part of Maniac Mummy Door film retains the actual color of the door.

The horror film is about the size of a normal living room door and can also be tailored as required.Please refer to our incredibly realistic Steinwand film and the Skeletal footprint ground sheet That complement the effect of our Maniac Mummy Door film perfectly.

  • Delivery: 1 x Maniac Mummy Door Film
  • size : 85 cm x 165 cm
  • Material: plastic