Cemetery decoration film

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Cemetery decoration film

Evocative Halloween decoration foil

Ingenious decoration for your Halloween party! The gloomy cemetery decoration consists of 6 different films and can make so individually.The two background sheets of the cemetery are each 122 cm x 366 cm large and thus cause superimposed decorated an entire room height! Two sheets of the mausoleum and two tree-films are each 85 cm x 165 cm.Fix the film best with staples or tacks.Next Large surface decorations such as the Bloody slaughterhouse decorative foil or the Steinwand film find at the store.

Halloween Party Decoration

What is a Halloween Party without the proper Halloween Party Decoration ? A living room full of adults, which, in elaborate Halloween costumes, entertain and thereby take of ordinary paper plates and plastic cups your snacks to be, is very stiff and added a bit naff, just like a boring Halloween Party ,To save your party before this terrible fate, we suggest you our wide selection of crass Halloween party decorations.In our assortment you can find a wide selection of Halloween Decoration figures Halloween table decoration , Classic horror decorations, unterschiedlichstes party accessories, Halloween wall decoration and much more.Whether you you a creepy, scary Halloween Party imagine for adults or plan a fun party for your children, you can find in our range the right Halloween party decoration to your next Halloween Party to make it a big hit!