Zombie grandmother Decorative figure

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Zombie grandmother Decorative figure

Mummified Zombie Granny Halloween decoration

Scare your Halloween guests but with a mummified zombie grandmother who can sit on the couch or decorative in a rocking chair.The zombie character can be set by you in a variety of positions or place, making it a very flexible Halloween decoration that is guaranteed to goose bumps.With the look of old Mother Bates from the movie Psycho are not moving Dame for restlessness in the nursing home or in the attic provides, making it a super eye-catcher for your Halloween event.

The grizzled Zombie Granny wearing a gray smock and is filled with foam latex made from.The Zombie grandmother is no animatronic, so does not have a motor and does not move.The rocking chair pictured is not included, but can be determined get low at a flea market.Otherwise, the older lady taking also happy at the kitchen table or on the living room couch place.If you, however moving Halloween looking figures, you're having a horrible animatronic as the as Zombie Granny with baby or the insane Psycho Sam Animatronic well advised.

1 x Zombie grandmother Decorative figure
  • Material from figure filled with foam latex
  • Costume: 100% Polyester
  • can be anywhere to sit or lay
  • Clothing may vary slightly
  • Height in chair sitting: ca.100 cm