Skeleton Garden Decoration

Item #: 18871

 Skeleton Garden Decoration

A mega cool horror decoration for your Halloween garden party!

The Skeleton Garden Decoration is a funny horror accessory to get your garden ready for Halloween and turn it into a beautifully spooky horror scenery. The creepy skeleton's blinking brain is a great eye-catcher that will add an authentic graveyard look to your premises, just like in a zombie and horror movie. An absolutely extravagant decoration highlight for Halloween!

The skeleton decoration includes the bones and the skull with the blinking brain. To create a scary ambiance for your next Halloween party, the bones have to be stuck in the ground by means of plastic spikes. The skull is approx. 15 cm high and features an open skullcap with the brain sticking out. The on and off button and the battery compartment are on the bottom side of the skull. Match the Skeleton Garden Decoration with a Vulture with Red Beek and the Tombstone Cross Skull RIP for a perfect Halloween scenery!

Material: plastic

Dimensions: legs approx. 56 cm, arms approx. 43 cm