Rotting Zombie Hanging Prop

Item #: 20325

Rotting Zombie Hanging Prop

Voodoo priestess Mambo has done a great job: this zombie is going to serve us until he is nothing but bones!

The only ones attending the funeral of our zombie to be were the worms. And they had their very own idea of a funeral feast. When the high priestess exhumed the zombie, they were having dessert in his face.

The maggots had been quick and so the eyes of the undead were gone already. Some parts of the scalp and the tongue were missing, too. You can see eleven hungry white maggots crawling across the zombie's face and you can bet there are plenty more inside of his head. The head and hands of this gory hanging prop are made of solid plastic. the long arms with bone hands can be bent in different are flexible. The rest of our Rotting Zombie Hanging Prop is amde of light and dark brown hessian. With a bag of Maden UV luminous (48 St) you can make the zombie look even more revolting. If you are looking for more decaying decorations, have a look at our Hanging Prop green zombie on the hook and the Zombie Teddy Bear !

Product information:

Material: plastic, wire, foam rubber, hessian
Size: length: approx. 95 cm, arm span: approx. 72 cm, length of maggot: approx. 2 cm