Realistic Skeleton Hanging Prop Movable

Item #: 19613

Realistic Skeleton Hanging Prop Movable

A posing skeleton for your Halloween party!

Halloween is just around the corner and this skeleton is the ultimate decoration idea for all those of you who are planning to throw a party! A perfect decoration guarantees a perfect atmosphere, happy guests and an unforgettable party! This life-size skeleton is a real poser! Thanks to its movable limbs it can assume lots of different positions!

Our realistic looking skeleton is approx. 160 cm long and can move its arms, hands, legs, feet, head, jaw, pelvis and spine! You could put your skeleton on a chair or in your bed or hang it up and put its limbs in crazy positions. Just let your imagination run wild! One option is to put some Decoration Moss 125g on the floor and place a tombstone like e.g. the Grave stone Rest in Peace 54cm green on top of it. Put the skeleton sitting next to it, knees bent, and put one of its arms around the tombstone. Cover it all with a little Cobwebs Spray!

Product information:

  • Realistic skeleton hanging prop
  • Movable limbs
  • Cool decoation for Halloween parties and spooky events or ghost rides and haunted houses
  • Material: plastic
  • Size: approx. 160 cm