Mummy Cocoon with LED Eyes

Item #: 19656

Mummy Cocoon with LED Eyes

Arachnophobics beware! There is no escape from these radioactive monster spiders!

A scientific experiment in a secret laboratory went out of control! After the spiders used as test animals at the "Spiderman" laboratory were fed radioactive waste, they became stronger, faster, more intelligent and, first and foremost, absolutely lethal. If you get caught in the web of these monstrous spiders, you're doomed. By now the killer spiders have cocooned the entire research team and taken over the laboratory.

This life-size hanging prop is wrapped in white, gauze-like fake cobwebs. The mummified body of the spier victim is completely hidden in the spider cocoon. When the activation button is pressed, the big hanging decoration starts to scream and the red LED eyes light up. A spooky horror decoration for arachnophobics. After use, the mummy can be folded up for easy storage. Create mega spooky spider decorations by matching the spider victim with LED eyes with our Giant spider web with nasty spider , lots of little Disgust spiders 50 pieces and someDecoration Moss 125g! The scary spider cocoon mummy is the perfect decoration for your next ghost event, Halloween or spooky theme party. Happy decorating!

  • Size: approx. 1,60 cm
  • Material: plastic
  • Red glowing light up LED eyes
  • Screaming prop
  • Activated by sound
  • Test batteries included