Hanging Witch with Red Cape

Item #: 18119

 Hanging Witch with Red Cape

Our Hanging Witch with Red Cape, the Hanging Witch with Purple Cape and the Witches hanging figure with green cloak make super Walpurgis Night decorations that work just as well for Halloween parties! Simply hang the witch props on the ceiling, the branches of a tree or on any other object and they'll creepily waft in the wind. The Hanging Witch with Red Cap features a foam rubber filled latex head with long grey hair, bendable arms with plastic hands and a witch dress made of black tulle and red organza. Some Cobweb 40gr white. will make your Hanging Witch with Red Cap look even more authentic and add an extra spooky touch to your Halloween decoration!

Approx. 65 cm long

Material: latex covered foam rubber, plastic and polyester

Caution! Warning!

This is a decoration, not a toy!