Giant Witch Hanging Prop

Item #: 18100

Giant Witch Hanging Prop

The giant witch hanging figure is a super cool Halloween decoration figure and makes your horror party setting an absolute highlight.

The scary witch is about330 cm tall, dressed in a long, black robe shreds.In addition, she wears a black, Spitzhexenhut under their evil, green witch face comes with the smirk revealed.The long white hair hanging smooth over her shoulders and her long witch nose makes the witches look perfectly ,

The giant witch hanging figure is truly a frightening figure and leaves by their hand posture suggests that she would grab you prefer.The giant witch hanging figure is a super genius Halloween figure and comes with the Bewitched Forest Scene Setter really good effect.In addition to the Giant Witch Hanging Prop you will also find the Giant Melting Reaper Hanging Prop as männiches counterpart in our Horror Shop.

Size about.330 cm