Chained Skeleton Torso Hanging Prop

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Chained Skeleton Torso Hanging Prop

Chained, chopped up and displayed: for this bony fellow robbing definitely didn't pay off

That's how people were punished for stealing and robbing: Chop off their lower body, chain the torso to the city walls until the birds have ripped the flesh from the villain's bones. Those were the count's orders and so that's what happened to our nameless thief. It has to be said that on the coun's estate stealing was never a problem again.

You can hang the mortal remains of our thief from your ceiling or on your wall and create spooky dungeon sceneries and Halloween decorations. The bony torso is firmly connected to his chain and can be fastened wherever you like.
The spooky skeleton is made of robust plastic. The shoulder and elbow of the right arm and the elbow of the left arm are movable. The few tattered gauze rags look like rotten clothing. If you don't want to have the poor thief hang around all alone, best get
the Ghosts Animatronic , the Hanging Prop brown Zombie on the hook or the Mummy Cocoon with LED Eyes to keep him company!

Product information

Material: plastic, wire, cloth
Size: length: approx. 100 cm, shoulder width approx. 45 cm