Sparklers Midi

Item #: 8800359

Sparklers Midi

The big sparklers have a long burning life  and create a lovely ambiance.

These cool long sparklers are perfect for all kinds of events. Light them at concerts, stick them on a birthday cake or on a sundae or use them to celebrate the New Year! Sparklers are a beautiful effect, all year round!

These lovely long party accessories are a great alternative to fireworks. They create a glamorous ambiance as soon as they are lit. They make a great decoration on birthday cakes or sundaes and are cool accessories to welcome the New Year or a friend who has been abroad. You can also light them at concerts when your favourite singer plays your favourite song. Sparklers are a must! The 30 cm long Sparklers Midi will burn for approx. 80 seconds. they come in packs of 10. In our shop you will find lots of other accessories beautiful perfect parties. E.g. the  Knicklicht Glowstick As Lightstick, the Sparklers / Sternwerfer or the Ice fountain gold 3 pieces .

Sale is recommended to persons over the age of 12. Children under the age of 12 should handle and use the sparklers only when supervised by adults.

Instructions for use on the back of the package.