Giant sparklers 45 cm

Item #: 22992

Giant sparklers 45 cm

5 Funkensprhende Sparkler in super long Ausfhrung

The magnificently sprhenden giant sparklers find their use in many festive events.The adult sparklers are perfect as a showpiece for the birthday celebrations or wedding.Giant Sparklers Sparklers be used as Christmas and New Year's Eve as happy as fireworks for the whole family and provide the spark for sprhenden romantic mood.

Order now your pack of giant star pitcher with 5 pieces in the pack.The sparklers are 45 cm long and provide for about 90 seconds for a sprhenden shower of sparks.

Package included: 1 x Giant sparklers

  • Content: 5 pcs
  • Burning time: 90 sec.
  • Youth Available from 12 years
  • Ordered all year round
  • Fireworks Category 1

Sale to persons under the age of 12 banned! Delivery / storage permitted only in ungeffneter original packing.Keep away from heat / sparks / open flames / Helen surfaces.Isolated over not use combustible surface.A sparkler after another anznden on uersten end.Clearance: 1 meter, Wundekeze away from all Krperteilen and combustible materials.Contains barium nitrate.By inhalation of smoke and harmful to health if swallowed.Spent sparkler z.Exampleablschen in a water bucket!