30 megawatts fireworks

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30 megawatts fireworks

Grokalibriger 3 battery composite with 65 shot

Phase 1: 25 shots, loud decomposing effect colorful star bouquets with Silberglitzer- or crackling effects, ending in a salvo with 5 gold polyps; Phase 2: 21-shot, with krftiger tracer Ascending loudly decomposing colorful effects and flashing star bouquets
interrupted by two forked grnen Palm Fcher salvos, ending with 5 golden deep-withdrawing weeping willows effects; Phase 3: 19 shot, silver glitter comets with subsequent rising vocal transformation into blue star bouquets with white-flashing weeping willows effects, ending at the same time in a final 3 ascending Effektschssen.

Product: MW 30
  • Effect Duration:110 seconds
  • Effekthhe: ca.60 meters
  • Fireworks Class: Cat 2
  • Bam numbers: BAM-F2-0059, F2-0446 BAM, BAM-F2-0168
  • Not for sale to persons under 18 years!
  • No Online store
  • Yelow only from the 29th- 31stDecember
  • All year round with behrdlicher Exemption

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