Zombie Foot with Trouser Leg

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Zombie Foot with Trouser Leg

A severed leg that makes a gory shock effect when trapped in the boot of your car or in you cellar door!

This Zombie Foot covered with oozing wounds and lacerations is not for the faint of heart. Most people get really shocked when they see this zombie leg trapped in your car boot or your wardrobe door. The half decayed foot is a cool practical joke device for a Halloween party or for the Zombie Walk.

The revolting Zombie Foot is made of robust vinyl, the leg under the olive green trouser leg is made cardboard. Caution! If you want to use this crass joke item for your car, please note that you are only allowed to use it while the car is parked and not being moved! Police officers (at least in Germany) do not have a sense of humour in this regard!

Material: vinyl, Dimesions: foot approx. 23 cm, leg approx. 40 cm

  • Shocking Halloween prank
  • Zombie decoration
  • A popular practical joke device