Skull Fairy Lights colorful luminous with sound

Item #: 15201

Skull Fairy Lights colorful luminous with sound

Decorative Skull light chain for many party events

10 realistic small skull, the colorful flashing lights hanging on a chain, the typical Halloween Sound of John Carpenter resound leaves, and thus perfected every Halloween decoration.

The Skull fairy lights suitable as interior and exterior decoration and most ingenious manner can be decorated regardless of the outlet as it is powered by 3 AA batteries.The light chain with 10 skulls makes of course also with the Barbed wire Rust Realistic Deluxe 6m well as morbid Christmas decoration the Christmas tree! The unusual skull Lichterkette has a length of ca.180cm and is also available as Skull Fairy Lights White with Sound available.Here ever our Spirits LED Light String on Youtube!