skinned bloody deer head

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skinned bloody deer head

The skinned bloody deer head is a movie prop of a special kind.He usually is people to acts indicate the Life Unworthy are.

That is not necessarily what is the pure sport hunting cool, should be more than clear by this illustration of a skinned deer head.The trophy of a life-sized, bloody, skinned deer head mounted on a wooden display, and therefore ready to hang on the wall.Here no GENUINE HIRSCH had to lose his life! This stark, realistic display You are the topic of conversation at the next demonstration against the sports and amateur hunters or outfitting a ghost train.The skinned, bloody Hirsch is handmade of latex and has a size of 90 x 80cm!

Our realistic products are in the first line for professional use in the film industry ( CSI . Forensic files . crime scene . Cobra 11 and various medical series) manufactured.Mostly hesitate Dummies use in fire or Bundeswehr and the civil protection To represent the persons working in a realistic impression of an insert for exercise purposes.Another field of application is the Animal welfare. Many organizations, such as in the USA Peta and in this country, many animal rights activists use our drastic dummies made of latex to draw attention to the plight of real animals in slaughterhouses, the pharmaceutical and fur industry.

In order to make clear once again for all overzealous animal rights: We use for our dummies no organic materials, neither Skeletter, eyes, hides, skins, etc.This is for all products to latex, foam and paint.We are against any torture or killing people and also animals.

But we have not only animal but also really rough Lifesize Ripped Ursa and limbs, the Hand Right Vinyl and Foot left Vinyl have.