SAW Jigsaw Billy Head Hanging Decoration

Item #: 14677

SAW Jigsaw Billy Head Hanging Decoration

Billy the ventriloquist's dummy as scary decoration

The extremely sadistic serial killer Jigsaw from SAW horror film is always a his ventriloquist's dummy Billy to send messages and thus to torment his victims.A film of the series SAW without the sinister ventriloquist's dummy Billy is unthinkable!

Billy comes here as a doll's head made of latex, ca is 12cm tall and has a head strap.Ideal as a decoration for the home, the car, as a gift or raffle item for the Halloween party.More products from classic films are of course the Hannibal Lecter muzzle Deluxe , the Freddy Krueger Demon Mask or even the Jason Mask and Machete Kombipack and many, many more.