Rusty brown iron chain small

Item #: 13491

Rusty brown iron chain small

Rusty plastic chain as a decoration

Heavy, brown, rusty iron chain made of plastic! The rusty chain looks so realistic that they can be distinguished only basis of their weight of a real iron chain.The decoration chain is perfect for customization of Halloween and horror parties.The heavy chain is perfect for Set Decoration of torture chambers, dungeons, old walls, prisons like from the film decoration in SAW or HOSTEL.Genial is the chain for live role playing or historic medieval events.

The possibilities of using the heavy, rusty chain are unbegrentzt and this can perfectly match with our Barbed wire Rust Realistic Deluxe 6m , The rusty Rusty Crane Hook on Chain or the old Rusty Old Pillory Chain combine.The chain has small limbs and has a length of ca.156cm.

  • 1 x Rusty, brown iron chain small
  • Material: Plastic
  • Length approx.156 cm