Pumpkin Carving Set 14 pieces including templates

Item #: 19405

Pumpkin Carving Set 14-piece incl.templates

Super carving on great Halloween Pumpkins

The pumpkin is a typical symbol of Halloween.One cuts faces in the orange vegetables and lit it from a candle.Originally created this custom to scare away evil spirits.Today the pumpkins are decorated at will with spooky or humorous motifs.The best works this with a special pumpkin carving.With our four-part set you are perfectly equipped for the next Schnitzaktion.

Our Pumpkin Carving Set consists of a Sägerad, a cutter, a blade and a saw.also included in the delivery are ten Schnitzvorlagen with different motifs such.B.Scarecrow, cat, skull and ghost.In the first step you cut with the saw of a circular lid and höhlst after the pumpkin with the shovel out.Then you arrange one of the templates on the pumpkin and drive the contours with the Sägerad from.At the developed markers you can create great carvings now with saw and cutter.A great effect creates also our Bat lantern round 22cm and the Spooky Shadow Light ,

  • Delivery: 1 Sägerad, 1 cutter, 1 shovel, 1 saw 10 Schnitzvorlagen
  • Material: Plastic and metal

Danger: Not suitable to use for children under 8 years and only under adult supervision.