Pumpkin Carving Kit

Item #: 20885

Pumpkin Carving Kit

With this carving kit you an be very creative this Halloween!

Every year countless Jack O' Lanterns illuminate the front gardens of our hometowns. But somehow they all look the same. A hugezig-zag mouth and triangular eyes and that's it for this year's Halloween. 

Now there's an end of it! With our pumpkin tool kit, pumpkin carving takes on new dimensions. This five-piece kit includes a punch wheel, a scoop, a small saw, a punch, a drill and 12 patterns. And don't forget to get our Pumpkin Teeth Medium Glow to make your pumpkin smile!

  • Includes: 5-piece carving kit, 12 patterns
  • Material:  plastic and metal
  • Colour: orange