Mad Serial Killer Animatronic

Item #: 15204

Mad Serial Killer

The sadistic serial killer is a loose cannon. Desperately he tries to escape to satisfy his bloody appetite for young females. The evil serial killer is still bound in his strait jacket and the leather shackles around his ankles but he tries the best he can to get rid of his bonds and look for you! The serial killer animatronic prop can be put on any chair or bed. When activated by motion or sound, the mad murderer heavily shakes and rocks the upper part of his body from side to side! It really looks as if the figur was trying to escape! While the insane killer is trying to escape he curses and makes creepy noises. Use our Steinwand film , the Madhouse clothing costume , Hannibal muzzle Economy and a few bloody body parts to create a room in a mad House or hannibal Lecter's cell.

Approx.: 152cm