Hellraiser Box / Pinheads cubes

Item #: 10212

Hellraiser Box / Pinheads cubes

The decorated with ornaments dice belongs Pinhead - the head of cenobites

The movie series based on the book "The Hellbound Heart" by Clive Barker is absolute cult among horror fans! The well-known leader of cenobites, members of the Order of gash, from the horror series Hellraiser Pinhead is.The mysterious cubes to open the gate to hell and going into the world of cenobites.The bizarre characters are researchers in the further regions of experience and Pinheads subjects. Make your own experiences with the Hellraiser Box - discover the secrets of Pinheads cubes and the world of Hellraiser!

With the Pinhead Hellraiser Mask or the super Pinhead Hellraiser Costume M Hence, a perfect Pinhead and show off your party guests the fear teach! The cube comes to sticking together even with instructions as a kit.

Product description:
  • Material: plastic
  • Size: 7.5cm x 7.5cm.
  • instructions: English