Hanging Bat Prop 75cm

Item #: 18794

Hanging Bat Prop 75cm

A spooky vampire bat hanging prop for Halloween!

This Bat Prop is perfect to decorate Halloween parties. This hanging prop is rather big, so it is guaranteed to attract a lot of attention. Hang the bat from your ceiling and it will look as if it was flying towards you. If you want to make sure to throw an unforgettable horror party, this flying fox is what you need on cour ceiling!

Our Hanging Bat Prop is a hanging prop with a polystrene body and grey cloth-covered, bendable wings. The bat's mouth is wide open and shows the creature's pointy fangs. It features two red rhinestones for eyes. use the attached nylon string to hang the bat on a branch or a hook and it will look as if it was flying right towards you. Add the finishing touch to your spooky decoration with slightly smaller Aggressive Flying Bat Propand a few Artificial cobwebs 60gr. !

Wingspan: ca. 75 cm

Material: polystrene and polyester