Halloween Decoration Mini Erasers Big

Item #: 19525

Halloween Decoration Mini Erasers Big

A different kind of table decoration!

When we think of Halloween, we think of pumpkins. You can't celebrate without them. Here comes the mini version of the orange fruit made of rubber. These erasers prove that rubbers are not only useful at the office or at school!

The pumpkin, witch or ghost shaped Halloween mini erasers make a funny table decoration for your Halloween party. As the mini erasers are only approx. 20 mm in diameter, best use a lot of them for your decoration. The 144 pieces bulk pack is perfect to decorate a big Halloween buffet. And once All Hallow's Eve is over they can be used for school or at home. So the tiny erasers are not just funny, but very useful, too. Add some Giant Ants 72 PCS and the Fabric with bloody hand and footprints and create a mega cool Halloween decoration!

Contains: 144 pcs

  • Tiny Halloween design erasers
  • A different kind of table decoration for spooky parties
  • Useful at school, ar home and at the office