Fragrance Oil Gothic

Item #: 12588

Fragrance Oil Gothic

Special fragrance for the ghost train

Fragrance Oil Gothic is an ingenious means to different rooms of your party to dive in unique atmospheres and to reinforce the illusion of decoration.The world's first Duftöl Dragon Tomb Specifically for creepy atmosphere makes! The odors are normally only used in the entertainment industry in horror parks and ghost trains.The Gothic-scented oil smells tomb, and their dark creatures such as vampires, bats, zombies and the sweet death!

A must for all Tombstone Hologram Portrait Betty Gruesome 50cm , Zombie and horror parties! This fragrance oil you bring only the right atmosphere in your Halloween party and your guests will talk about for a long time about the perfectly staged Halloween and ghost party! The oil was diluted with water to use in a fragrance lamp, dropwise mixed enter and sprinkle Stoffreste order or give for intense odor pur on strips of fabric and hang from the ceiling with water in a water sprayer.Content: 5ml.Do not put into direct contact with the skin!