Bloody Torso Torso

Item #: 10144

Bloody Torso Torso

Latex opera body with bloody entrails

Bloody torso and life-size Tortured Torso / tortured Waist ! The Bloody torso were already Arm right vinyl and Leg right Vinyl choppy and a part of the abdominal wall is missing.

A life-size 3D Deco Prop, ideally suited for realistic accident or murder scenes representation.Spray into the upper body with a mist of water or use Bottle of Blood Fake Blood to the bloody torso to bring something to contribute.The torso is made of latex, handpainted and foamed at the back.

  • Lierferumfang: 1 x Bloody Torso Torso
  • Color: Skin color / Red
  • Size: life-size
  • Material: 100% Latex