Bloody Bulls Head

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Bloody Bull's Head

Heavy life-size bull's head made of foam filled latex. The Bloody Bull's Head looks super realistic with its tongue lolling out, its bull ring and bloody neck. It is approx. 66cm x 44cm.

Our realistic props are primarily made for professional use in movie productions (e.g. CSI, Forensic Files, Tatort, Cobra 11 and a few medical dramas). Our dummies are mainly used by firefighters, Federal Armed Forces and disaster control who need these realistic props for casualty simulations and the realistic enactment of disastrous and extreme situations. Another field where these props are used is animal protection. Many organisations like Peta in the US and lots of supporters of the anti animal experiment movement in Europe use our drastic latex dummies to point out the horrors living animals have to suffer in the pharma and fur industry or in slaughterhouses.

And to point it out once more for all overly concerned animal activists: we do not use any organic material for our dummies. No skeletons, eyes, furs, skins etc. All props are made of latex, rubber foam and paint. We are completely against any form of torturing or killing humans and animals.