Blacklight LED Reflector

Item #: 21609

Blacklight LED Reflector

Black light effects make the darkness spookier than ever

Your Halloween decorations will look extra scary when illuminated by black light. Fluorescent colours and white things will glow eerily in the dark like they were floating in mid air. White ghosts light up in the darkness and neon colours from text marker writings to a  Fishnet Tights Neon Orange turn into colourful, glowing eye-catchers.

The Blacklight LED Reflector lamp features three LEDs with reflectors which emit light  in the uv spctrum and which can be directed at one spot. The lamp comes in a solid aluminum case. The plastic pane protecting the LEDs is screwed in place by an aluminum ring.  A plastic peg can be screwed onto the grey metal frame so you can stick it in soft soil. The power-saving LEDs only need one watt to light up. The reflector lamp has an American plug and is to work with  120 volt so you need our US voltage converter 100 Watt for it to work safely. More stuff to create a cool halloween party lighting are our Halloween Glow Stick Bat Purple , the Skull Lantern and a LED Strobe Light Red.

  • Includes: lamp, garden peg
  • Material: aluminum, plastic
  • Connection for power supply: 120 V, 60 HZ
  • Dimesnions: diameter: approx. 5 cm, case length approx. 8 cm, cable length approx. 190 cm
  • Converter for US American electrical goods is NOT included!