Trolli Playmouse Sugar Rats

Item #: 19730

Trolli Playmouse Sugar Rats

Colourful foam sugar rats with a long fruit gum tail!

This rat pack is launching into your Halloween buffet, ready to devour all your party nibbles. The only way to stop the rat infestation on your table is to eat the foam sugar rodents as fast as you can.

Kids love these extra cool fruit flavour jellies, so this playmouse box is the perfect candy for your Halloween party. Use the foam sugar mice to decorate desserts and cakes or give them to the little trick or treaters coming to your door. You are guaranteed everyone will love them! Thecolourful Trolli rats are super tasty and it is great fun to pull their tails!

Contains: 75 pcs, 1200 g.

Ingredients: glucose syrup, sugar, gelatine, acidifier (citric acid and lactic acid), gelling agent (pectin), colouring fruit and plant extracts (black currant, carrot, curcuma, lemon, safflower, sweet pepper, stinging nettle, spinach), algae concentrate (spirulina), flavour, vegetable oil, release agent (bees wax, carnauba wax)

Nutrition facts (100 g): calorific value 1434kJ/337kcal, proteine 5,4 g, total carbohydrate 77 g sugars 48 g, total fat 0,1 g saturated fat 0,1 g