Colourful Sweets Party Mix

Item #: 19491

Colourful Sweets Party Mix

No sweet tooth wil resist this bag of candy!

Sweets and candy are essential for any carnival, Halloween or birthday party. With our Colourful Sweets Party Mix you an be sure to have the right goodies for all tastes.

Our Colourful Sweets Party Mix contains six different types of sweets, e.g. chewing gum, sherbet and taffy. The goodies in this big pack of candy are perfect to be thrown out at carnival parades or to fill grab bags at children's birthday parties. Another classic party candy are our Trolli Snakes Fruit Gummi Candy and the Chewing Gum Coins 100 PCS.

  • Net weight: approx. 850 g. Equal to 14,00 Euro / kg

Ingredients: sugar, syrup, gum base, citric acid (E 330), water, artificial flavouring, glycerin (E 422), artificial colouring E 129, E 133, E 102, E 110, E 129