Bat for hanging

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Bat for hanging

Bat with wings stretched as Halloween Decoration

With flashing red eyes and claws longer than nature intended, the mutant bats come to you fed flutters.As the radioactive waste in the cave produced the mutants, they were born with longer claws and a tail is also grown them.Now they can better engage and steer better in flight.They have become the piranhas of the air and eat animals and people complete in a few minutes.

The bat for hanging is made of black plastic.The outstretched wings are above light gray in some places.The red eyes and white fangs serve as a splash of color to the Fledertier.In addition to the three wings of the bat fingers has five claws normal.Behind the bat has a thin tail.More flutter animals for decoration are the Flying Bat Animatronic , The Squeeze bat black small and the Bloody vampire bat .

  • Scope of delivery : 1 x bat for hanging
  • Color Black or Grey
  • Size: approx. 22.5 cm x 14 cm
  • Material : Plastic