Severed Head with torture eyes

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Severed Head with torture eyes

Tortured zombie head as decoration for Halloween & Zombie Walk

Piercing Torture at its finest.Before the brutal peasant his servant separated out his head, he helped by a few needles and piercing rings to punish the servant for the stalking of the farmer and those watching secretly.In future it will probably be placed with you at the window, to teach Halloween ghosts to fear.

Life-size, Severed Zombie Skull, discolored by incipient decay purple / pale blue, with drawn upward, pierced eyelids.The head is made of latex hand painted and hanging on a chain.Haunted and horror decorations that will be similar, are heads as our Hammer murder victims head or the Life-size head gepfählter ,

1 x Severed Head with torture eyes

  • Size: about 45 cm high
  • Material: Latex