Severed Head Old Man

Item #: 19454

Severed Head Old Man

If you don't want to listen, you have to find out the hard way!

The old guy next door had nothing better to do than look out the window, spy on his neighbours and give out about anything. Naturally he could not refrain himself from telling the newly moved in dog owner off because of some dog poo lying on the pavement. If only he hadn't said anything! The new neighbour was not amused to be criticised for something he didn't do and set his dog on the old man. He didn't think that the beast would rip off the man's head, but at least life in this neighbourhood has become a lot more peaceful. 

The Severed Head Old Man is a life-sized prop made of latex. The pale complexion and the detailed features make this horror head look very authentic. The head's piercing eyes are bloodshot and the mouth is opened in agony. The vertebrae and severed arteries hanging from the neck look absolutely gory. The head prop comes with a black string for esy hanging. Our Severed Zombie Head and the Talking Skull Animatronic will make your creepy heads decoration complete.

Material: 100 % latex

Dimensions: length approx. 21 cm, width: approx. 19 cm, height: approx. 34 cm