Mafia victims head

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Mafia victims head

Super Realistic looking life-size special FX head

The is not to be trifled with the Mafia illustrates this Mafia victims head.The grisly horror decoration of Mafia victims head is optimal for creepy Halloween decoration and for the ghost train and a horror house.The decoration head was apparently hanged, as the welts clearly showing the neck and previously quite badly mistreated by his captors, as the battered eye shows.The claw marks on mouth testify that our mafia victim was eaten after the death of rats.

The working superrealistsich Mafia victims head has gray hair and Art is a masterpiece of Art artist.Whether. As a movie prop or for the emergency drill, the artificial Mafia victims head is suitable for many occasions and is a gruesome eyecatcherMany more decorative heads as Melting Manfred Head or Exorcism Jenny Head There are in our range.

  • Material: PU Foam, polyurethane, latex, 100% synthetic hair