Exorcism Jenny Head

Item #: 16670

Exorcism Jenny Head

Uniquely, frightening and an absolute highlight Halloween exorcism Jenny's head.A decorative Accessiore superlative.

Little Jenny grew up in a quiet village on well guarded.In the convent school suddenly took the fatal and unexpected fate run its course.Suddenly Jenny began to speak with tongues, spew horrific curses, growling and hissing, and then to act completely normal in the next moment.

Mostly you could remember to stop the brutal attacks and tantrums anything.As the situation escalated more and they tore out all the hair, eyelashes and eyebrows in delusion, there was only the last way.A unbahmherziger Exorcist was needed.to heal the possessed Any attempt, however, been unsuccessful so far.The poor, battered girl is still in the clutches of Catholic exorcists who refuse you any medical assistance.This ultra-realistic head convinces with its detailed design to the kleiste detail and registers in every haunted house or Halloween decoration particularly well.For this unique decoration and props real glass eyes were used and provided the skull from Polyfoam a realistsich acting, waxy skin of latex.The extremely lifelike painting gives this Exquisite head in size, the hammer-like appearance, and takes a run horror over the back.Even more realistic horror heads as Melting Manfred Head . Dead Dirk Head or Dr. Gray Special Effect Head You can find with us.