US Voltage Converter 300 Watt / Adapter

Item #: 15693

Minwa Voltage Converter 220-240VAC -> 110-120VAC 300 Watt

Where a normal adapter isn't enough to make Animatronics like Airblown Inflatable Frankenstein or the Life Sized Rocking Witch Animatronic and other electricity-driven items work, in Germany you need a voltage converter. If such a converter is neede, it will be pointed out in the description of the respective animatronic. The converter can also be used for any other US device which doesn't exceed the 300 watt limit.

US 300 watt converter from Minwa, one of the biggest producers of mains adapters. Super quality!  Maximum capacity 300 watt.

Input 220/240 volt via cable with shock-proof plug

Output 110/120 volt at the front of the US socket

Solid metal case

ON/OFF switch with LED operating mode display

Maximum peak output: 300 watt

Maximum longterm output: 260 watt

Dimensions: 150mm x 100mm x 90mm

Shipping weight: 2,60 kg