Screaming Skeleton in Chains Prop

Item #: 21613

Screaming Skeleton in Chains Prop

This creepy skeleton is the perfect a decoration for a demonic Halloween party

The Screaming Skeleton in Chains Prop is not for wimps nor for the faint of heart. When the skeleton starts to laugh even the coolest macho man will shake in his boots. Your party guests will be scared to death when this hanging ghost welcomes them with with red light up eyes, moving arms and terrifying laughter. Only those who dare to ewalk past the chained skeleton are worthy to join the selected crowd at your Halloween party.

The screaming skeleton decoration is approx. 40 cm long and has 30 cm long arms.The plstic skull and bone hands are connected to the engine by means of flexible rods. The chained skeleton wears an olive-green, black and white tattered polyester robe that hides the engine with on and off button and the battery case. The battery case can be locked with a Phillips screw. The skeleton works with 3 AA batteries. 3 batteries for testing purposes are included. We recommend to replace the batteries immediately. The movable arms and neck can be arranged in different positions. When activated by sound, the screaming skeleton starts to flails its arms, its eyes light up red and it laughs madly. The eyes feature two LEDs. The plastic chain is attached to the hands and neck by means of a foam rubber link. Add the Laughing Witch on a Swing to your order so she can help the skeleton to frighten your party guests.

  • Includes: 1 Screaming Skeleton in Chains Prop (3 AA testing batteries included)
  • Material: hands, skull and chain: plastic, three-coloured polyester rags,
  • Power supply: 3 AA batteries
  • Dimensions: total length approx. 45 cm, skull length approx. 13 cm, arm length approx. 30 cm